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UDEF comes from a 15-year long journey. Exactly 15 years ago, we began workings with guest students in Turkey. UDEF as an umbrella organization has, 65 international student associations in 25 provinces in 75 cities in our country with a cooperation activities with 55 thousand guest student.Our contact with thousands of people through our dozens partner institutions overseas has made us a great organization.

UDEF as a federation, is the biggest and a well known civil society movement working for international student association in our country with participating volunteers,65 associations in 75 provinces of Turkey. Activities under the umbrella of UDEF covers dozens of activities under headings such as; education and social studies. The contents, periods and responsibilities of these activities are determined through inter-agency consultations and the highest level of benefit-oriented plans are prepared. Within the scope of social activities; social and sporting activities, history and cultural trips are organized in the country for these students . In order for our guest students to learn the social andcultural structure of our country and for them not to feel alone in our homeland, international student gatherings, international student picnics, summer and winter camps and festive programs are organized.

UDEF’s basic goal is to host the international students who prefer our country to study, build a platform where they can be acquainted with each other, find solutions for their problems, meet their educational, material and spiritual needs and become individuals who spreads their wisdom all around the world. Another mission of this large organization in Turkey is to raise people who regards ‘spreading the world peace and brotherhood’ as a mission.

This is a federation that has set itself as a vision to deal with the health, safety and educational issues of international students and to cooperate with government institutions to solve these problems

Defterdar Mah. Fethi Çelebi Cad. Fethi Çelebi Çıkmazı No:1 Eyüp / İstanbul
0212 255 88 66 - Headquarter 0312 229 88 66 - Ankara Office
Mesaj Gönder


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